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How to publish your app as a PWA

You can publish your app as a web app, als knows a Progressive Web App (PWA) or HTML5 app. A PWA is a website that looks and behaves as if it is a mobile app. PWAs take advantage of native mobile device features, without requiring your app users to visit an app store.

Progressive Web Apps published via AppMachine can be used on smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers. On smartphones and tablets the PWA will be displayed fullscreen. On desktop browsers, the app user will be able to choose whether to display the app within in a phone or tablet frame.

Benefits of a web app

  • Web apps are published instantly.

  • Publishing a web app doesn't require a developer account.

  • Publishing a web app doesn't require approval from the app stores.

  • A web app is available in the browser, without installing, anywhere in the world, on any device.

  • A web app can be hosted on your own domain. Learn more..

Technical setup

There are two properties on the Publish page that affect the appearance of your web app, the app title and the favicon.

App title

The app title is displayed in the browser tab of your published web app. This goes for both the preview, as well as the production version.


The favicon can be uploaded on the Web App settings page, which can be opened via the Edit Web Info button on the Publish page. The favicon is displayed on the left side of the app title, within the browser tab of your publish web app.

Preview vs. Production

There are two versions available for your Web App, a Preview version and a Production version. Both of these versions have their own unique URL, and are published separately.

The Preview version is for testing purposes, which is why there is no validation done by AppMachine when publishing a preview version of your web app. This allows you to view changes you've made to your app, or show preliminary changes to your client(s), without affecting your live app users.

The Production version is the version that your app users will be using. Any update done to this version will immediately be noticeable by your app users.

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