Cancel subscription

If, heaven forbid, you need to cancel your subscription, you can find out how to do so here.
To cancel your app subscription, please follow these steps:
Got to Plans & Usage in the left vertical menu.
AppMachine Plans and Usage Dashboard
Plan & Usage overview page.
Click on the Manage Plan button to open the billing page. Here you see a Cancel Plan button.
Manage Plan AppMachine
Billing overview page for your plan.
The last step is to confirm your choice, after this your plan will be cancelled.
Cancel Plan AppMachine
Confirmation screen for cancellation.
AppMachine apps require an active subscription to be kept live and working in the stores. Once the subscription has been cancelled and the active subscription period has expired, the content will be deactivated.
Your app will still be present in your AppMachine account and can be republished at a later date, if desired.