This page contains information about the requirements and steps on how to publish your AppMachine app with iPad support.

Apps created via AppMachine do not offer native iPad support by default. Luckily, enabling this for your app is a very simple process. All you have to do is navigate to the Publish page of your app in AppMachine, and open the store information page of your iOS app via the Edit Store Info button.

On the Store Info page, you'll find a section named 'iPad'. Expanding this section will reveal a button through which iPad support can be enabled.

Note: It is not possible to disable iPad support after you've enabled it. This measure is to ensure that an app is not attempted to be updated with a version that support less device types than the currently published app version, which is not allowed by Apple.

After enabling iPad support for your app you'll have to upload a total of four iPad screenshots for your app before being able to start the publishing process. You'll be able to upload the iPad screenshots in the Screenshots section of the Store Info page.

After uploading the required screenshots, you'll be able to start the publishing process via the Publish button in AppMachine. The process itself is exactly the same as you're used to, aside from the fact that your app will now be published with support for an additional device type: iPad.

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