Enable Cloud Messaging

This article explains how to enable the Cloud Messaging service within a Firebase project.


Enabling Cloud Messaging for your Firebase project

  1. Open the Project settings page via the cogwheel in the top-left corner of the Firebase console.

  2. Open the Cloud Messaging settings page by clicking on the similarly named tab.

  3. The Cloud Messaging API (Legacy) is displayed as Disabled. Open the more-options menu on the left-side of the frame and click the Manage API in Google Cloud Console button.

  4. You'll be re-directed to the Google Cloud Console in a new tab. There you'll be able to click the enable button to activate the Cloud Messaging API for your Firebase project.

  5. If prompted with the screen below: Select the right country, then select I agree and click the Agree and Continue button to close the prompt. Then, click the Enable button once more to active the Cloud Messaging API.

  6. Switch or close the browser tab to go back to your Firebase project and refresh the page.

  7. The Cloud Messaging API should now be displayed as Enabled.

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