Create Mobile Provisioning Profile

This article explains how to create a Provisioning Profile for an Enterprise app on an Apple Developer Enterprise License.

The Mobile Provisioning Profile is the 'glue' that combines the app's technical registration (App ID) with your Apple developer account signature (iOS Distribution Certificate).


How to create a Mobile Provisioning Profile

  1. Navigate to and login with your Apple developer account.

  2. Open the Profiles page and use the blue + button to create a new Mobile Provisioning Profile.

  3. Select the option In House and click Continue.

  4. Select the App ID of your app and click Continue. Note: You can follow the steps in this article to create an App ID for your Enterprise app.

  5. Select the iOS Distribution Certificate that you've created and uploaded in AppMachine, and click Continue. Note: You can find the expiration date of your iOS Distribution Certificate on the Certificates and API Keys page in AppMachine. If you haven't created an iOS Distribution Certificate yet, follow the steps in this article.

  6. Enter a name for the Provisioning Profile and click Generate. Note: The Provisioning Profile Name is purely for your own reference and is not used outside of the Apple Developer Portal.

  7. Download the Mobile Provisioning Profile and follow the steps in this article to link the profile to your app in AppMachine.

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