Build your app

The most important steps to build your app

Creating an app

After creating an account at AppMachine you can get started right away. Please have fun! Experiment! Discover everything that AppMachine has to offer! Building an app with AppMachine is free, easy, fun and your app will look gorgeous.
AppMachine's software is constantly evolving, so there may be a small chance you will encounter the odd imperfection. It would be great if you could report these to us at [email protected].

App Dashboard

The URL to login and start working on your app is Please bookmark this URL so you won't need to remember it. When you log in to your AppMachine account we take you to your App Dashboard.
AppMachine App Dashboard
You App Dashboard shows you an overview of your apps as well as some demo apps which we've placed there for inspiration. Follow these steps to create a new app!
  1. 1.
    To create a new app click on the + New App in the top left corner of your App Dashboard.
  2. 2.
    Pick a one of our awesome template or start building from scratch.
  3. 3.
    Your app will now be created. You can start adding content!
  4. 4.
    Preview your app in the browser or on your Android device with our AppMachine previewer.

Adding content to your app

Use all of our 30+ blocks to make your app as interesting as possible. Add content. Sell products, show data and inform clients. And view all your changes live in your browser while you're building. Yellow blocks are quick and easy to use. Green blocks, where you can add your own, more complex data.
Turn your data into an app You can use our table templates to quickly start adding your own data or start with a clean slate and create your own database.
Add fields, add data, add images and automatically your pages in your app will appear.
Google Sheets Connect with an existing Google Sheet to import data in your ap. The data is kept in sync between your sheet and your app.
Build an internal facing business app and let your employees manage the data on the road using your app.
Web Services Show information from external web services using REST API. Add your GET, PUT, POST and DELETE calls to make an interactive application.

What kind of apps can be built with AppMachine?

AppMachine apps can not only be published as both native iOS and Android apps but also as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Native iOS apps can be published for Apple devices running iOS 13 and newer. Android apps can be run on devices running OS 8 or newer. PWAs can be launched in your device's browser and have the look and feel of a native app.