Appmachine Data

AppMachine Data allows you to store data and show it in your app. You can also make the data editable in your app for specific user categories if you want.

AppMachine tables

You can create your own tables within Appmachine to show it to your app users. You can even create Edit or Add forms in your app to give your app users the functionalitity to edit your data or add new data. Read the article below or watch the video

Add Table

  1. Click Data in the left side navigation

  2. Click Create Table

  3. Choose from where you want to store the information In this case you select AppMachine Table

  4. After creating a table, you will need to open the Content tab in the left side navigation

  5. Click the red +block Button

  6. Select the Advanced tab

  7. Click Add this block

  8. Select the Table you just created to show the information from the Table you just created in your block.

Edit Table

  1. Select the Data tab in the left side navigation.

  2. Select the Fields tab if you want to checkout, edit or add the configuration of the table or select the Data tab if you want to checkout, edit or add rows to the table.

Show data in your app

After you have configured your data, you can add blocks to your app to make the data visible

  1. Open the Content tab of your app

  2. Click the red + block button

  3. Select the Advanced tab

  4. Click Add this block

  5. Select the right data table

  6. In your app a green List block will be added with a detail page below it.

  7. You can finetune the Detail page in the same way.

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