Register Android app

This article explains how to register an Android app within a Firebase project.

Important: It is possible to register multiple apps within the same Firebase project. However, please keep in mind that the Google Analytics service is linked to the Firebase project and not to a single app. This means that -within the linked Google Analytics dashboard- you, or anyone you grant access to your analytics dashboard, will be able to view analytical data for all apps registered in the Firebase project.


Registering an Android app within your Firebase project

  1. Login on and open your Firebase project. If you don't have a Firebase project for your app yet, then follow the steps in this article to create a Firebase project.

  2. Click on the Android logo below the text "Get started by adding Firebase to your app".

  3. In Firebase, paste the Bundle ID in the Android package name input field and click Register app to continue. You can find the Bundle ID of your Android app by following steps 1-3 in this article.

  4. Download the google-services.json file. You'll have to upload this file during the Android publishing process in AppMachine. Click Next to continue.

  5. In Step 3 : 'Add Firebase SDK' click Next without making any changes.

  6. In Step 4 : 'Next steps' click the Continue button to complete the Firebase Android app registration.

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