Google Sheets

Connect your app to information which you are managing in a Google sheet

Your data will be synced from Google sheet to AppMachine and vice versa. For this Google sheet integration it is important that you have full editing rights for this sheet. If you didn't create the sheet yourself, make sure your email address is added to the google sheet via the Share button in Google Sheets.

How to connect a sheet to your app

  1. Open your app and open the Data tab in the left side navigation.

  2. Click + New table in the left top corner

  3. Click Google Sheets

  4. Sign in with Google to connect with your Google account. This happens via a new tab in your browser. Choose Allow when asked for permissions.

  5. Your account is now linked and you can Select Spreadsheet from your Google Drive

  6. Select the right sheet.

  7. Click Next

Show Google Sheet data in your app

After you have connected your Google Sheet to your app, you can add blocks to your app to make the data visible

  1. Open the Content tab of your app

  2. Click the red + block button

  3. Select the Advanced tab

  4. Click Add this block

  5. Select the right data source.

  6. In your app a green List block will be added with a detail page below it.

  7. You can finetune the Detail page in the same way.

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