A CLI package to create, maintain, and publish javascript block projects to AppMachine Flutter applications.

Using the CLI package, you're able to connect a local javascript project to your AppMachine Project. The CLI provides multiple commands to create, maintain and publish new blocks.


The CLI can be globally installed on your machine, so you can easily use it across projects.


npm install -g @myjsblock/cli


yarn global add @myjsblock/cli


myjsblock [command] [options]


Links your local directory to a Block Project, saving a credentials file in your project root.

myjsblock link

Push command​

Push your local project to the AppMachine server.

myjsblock push


Displays helpful information for the available commands.

myjsblock help

Supported Options​

--token       Block token for the AppMachine App.
--secret      A Secret to login to the AppMachine server.
--overwrite   Overwrites the credential and config files.
--help        Displays complete help for [cmd].
--debug       Helps debugging the CLI.


Manual linking​

Instead of supplying the --token and --secret arguments, you may create a myjsblock.credentials.json file in your project directory.

This file should follow the following format, using your own token and secret:

    "token": "TJ9plldgQSL87dnK6ZIVpzTszlG3TPKo",  
    "secret": "ifb1kEBUYBJ17NSQWdBUNoTTU5O2d1jlTJ9plldgQSL87dnK6ZIVpzTszlG3TPKo"

Git ignoring myjsblock.credentials.json​

If you use a version control system like Git, make sure you add the myjsblock.credentials.json file to the .gitignore file. This will prevent it from being saved in version control and is a good security measure.

Config File​

Some advanced configuration requires a myjsblock.config.json file in your project directory. This enables you to change settings like ouputDirectory and entryFile for your project.

An example of such a file would be:

    "entryFile": "index.html",  
    "outputDirectory": "dist"

Config Properties​

Config PropertyTypeDefault







Output Directory​

This changes the output directory for your project. The default value is dist. The contents of this directory will be uploaded to the server by the CLI.

Issues & Bugs​

If you run into issues or have a question, please open an issue here.

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