App Settings

To manage your app's language, information screen and support settings, navigate to the Settings tab in the left vertical menu. You can find this under the Manage tab once it has been expanded.

You can choose your language and your currency from the dropdown in the App Details box. The last option in this box is to open all external URLs in your app automatically in an external browser or not. Don't forget to click save after you've selected your choices.

The next box contains the settings for your app's information screen. This is the screen that opens when you click the icon in the top right corner of your app's home screen.

In the app information screen box you can set your logo, your customer URL that is connected to your logo and you can give information about your app or company.

The last box contains the settings for your support email. Set the email address to which support requests will be sent to. Define a standard email subject for these support requests and set a standard text which will be included in the email.

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