What if my app is suspended by Google?

In this article we share the steps you can follow if your app is suspended by Google.

If your app is suspended by Google, you will have received an email from Google containing the reason for the suspension. Read this email to determine what needs to be changed. If you're not sure how to resolve the issue, forward the email to support@appmachine.com and ask for assistance.

If you wish to appeal to the suspension you can do so by filling out the app appeal form on the following page: https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/contact/appappeals

If you wish to re-submit your app to the Google Play Store as a new app, please let us know. A technical re-configuration of your app is required in order to be able to do this. Please note that it is likely that the app will be suspended again if you re-submit it without making any changes, and that multiple app suspensions may cause your Google Play developer account to be terminated.

Additionally, if you wish for us to re-submit your app while another version of your app is already suspended, a name change of the app will be required.

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