Update Android app (short)

Release management - Upload your app

Prerequisites: You've already downloaded the .AAB file from the Publishing page in AppMachine:

  1. Open the Google play console and login with the right developer account

  2. To create a new release, click Create new release in the top-right corner

  3. Open a Finder on your Mac machine and look for an AAB file with a name which looks like this:

  4. Drag and drop the AAB.file onto the screen in de App Bundle area, or by using the Upload button displayed on the page. On Mac devices, you cannot use the Upload button If you cannot find the AAB file on your computer, you can always download it again from the publish page. Important: If you receive a notification about enrolling in Play App Signing, please contact AppMachine Support through support@appmachine.com.

  5. A name for the release will automatically be filled in, so leave this field as is. You do have the option to enter Release Notes. But you can also leave the default value as shown below:

  6. Save your changes in the bottom-right corner of the screen

  7. Click Next in bottom-right corner.

  8. Review the new version and click Save to continue the process. If any policy related matters occur at this time you can resolve them. If you need any assistance with this contact us at support@appmachine.com.

  9. Click the Go to overview button.

  10. If there are no policy related matters that still need your attention, you can click the Send 1 change for review button to submit your new app version.

  11. Your app is now in review

In case the app is rejected -or suspended as Google calls it- you will receive an email notification from Google on the owner email address of your Google Play developer account explaining why the app was suspended and what needs to be changed. The time it takes Google to review is generally anywhere between 1-3 days, depending on the amount of apps that have been submitted to Google. Congratulations, you've successfully updated your Android app in the Google Play Store!

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