In this article we provide a brief overview of the blocks that are available in the AppMachine designer.

Add Blocks to your app

You can add blocks to your app via the red + Block button on your Content tab. With the wizard you can select one of the 30+ preconfigured blocks which help you show your content in a very easy and quick way.

List of blocks



With the Contact building block, users can reach you in a variety of ways. Enter your address, phone number, email, website and location. Read the full guide for this block here.


Increase sales and attract new customers by offering coupons to use in your store. Read the full guide for this block here.


This building block allows users to send an email to a specified email address. Potential customers can mail you or your sales department a question directly.


Are you organizing an event and do you want to show workshops or lectures, or are you the owner of a restaurant that organizes theme nights? Add them to the Events building block and your users will always be informed when fun events are organized. Read the full guide for this block here.


Include a list of questions and answers. Add your frequently asked questions to the CMS. The block will display a list of questions and matching answers.



In an information building block you can enter a description of your company, activity or event using a rich text field. Read the full guide for this block here.



Display multiple Points of Interest (POI) on a map, for instance to indicate the various branches of your company. For hotels, you could display the nearby recreational facilities on the map, or for a sports association you could show the locations of other players in your league. This will allow users to call up information on a POI and calculate the route from their current location to the POI of their choice.


Present your co-workers, team members, colleagues or band members by including their name, picture and a detailed description.


Show customers, fans, co-workers and other users what you are working on. Retrieve photos from external sources such as Facebook, Instagram or Flickr, or upload your photos to our app CMS.


Even if you do not own a web shop, you can easily show products. You can add a photograph and a detailed description to give users a taste of the products you are selling. You can specify a URL for each product that users can tap to view more information.


Listen to your favorite radio station live! The music player accepts streams that are either AAC-LC audio (up to 48 kHz) or mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 up to 48 kHz). This includes the following extensions: mp3, m4a, m4b, m4p, m4v, m4r, 3gp, mp4 and aac.

Use a submenu to group functional blocks on your homescreen. You can display submenus in various different ways, e.g. as a list or in the shape of big icons.


Show tweets for Twitter accounts or for buzzword. Users will be able to retweet, reply, favorite and share tweets via email.


Use this block to display a list of URLs. Users will be redirected to these websites if they tap on a link. You can use this block to direct users to your website, an online booking system, etc.


Show customers, fans, co-workers or other interested parties videos of what you are working on. Retrieve video playlists from external sources such as YouTube or Vimeo, or place individual video links directly to our app CMS.

Web Page

Show a web page by entering the URL. If you want to show links to multiple websites, use the URLs block.

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