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In order to help users understand an app’s privacy practices before they download the app on any Apple platform, app owners must enter privacy details of their app within App Store Connect prior to being able to publish.

This article describes one of the steps you have to take to get your app published in the Apple App Store. Click here to see all of the steps.

With this information, users will be able see which data types the app may collect, and whether that data is linked to them or used to track them. You’ll need to provide information about your app’s privacy practices, including the practices of third-party partners whose code you integrate into your app, in App Store Connect. PLEASE NOTE: While answering the questions posed by Apple, please keep in mind that you are (or your client is) seen as the owner of the app, and that in that sense, AppMachine is seen as a third-party partner.

A. Open the correct page

The app privacy details can be provided through App Store Connect.

  1. Login on with your Apple Developer account. Please make sure that the account you're logging in with has the Account Owner or Admin role. Any other role is insufficient to perform the required actions.

  2. When logged in, open your app via the My Apps section.

B. Privacy Page

Once opened, you'll find the App Privacy page listed in the left nav menu.

Note: You don't need to fill in the Privacy Policy URL here. You can enter that data in AppMachine. This article explains you how to create a privacy policy if you don't have one yet.

  1. You're prompted by Apple to check the boxes for all data types that the app collects. We'll go over these one by one:

    1. Browsing History There is no module available in AppMachine that allows you to collect data related to the users' browsing history.

    2. Search History There is no module available in AppMachine that allows you to collect data related to the users' search history.

    3. Purchases Enable this option if your app collects data related to a users' purchases or purchase tendencies.

5. Click Save

6. Click Ok in this screen:

C. Enter information per datatype

For each of the enabled options, you'll have to indicate how the collected data is used by you or your third-party partner(s), as displayed in the example screenshot below.

7. Click on each Set Up tile and answer three questions for each tile.

The app privacy options which are present in all AppMachine apps are listed in the table below. For each of the options, we've indicated how the collected data is used by AppMachine. Indications for any other options that you may have enabled due to the functionality used in your app, will have to be provided by yourself.

You will need to go through steps A-C at least 8 times for the 8 topics which you have enabled in the step before.

A. How data is collected

Data Types

Information Type

Precise Location

App Functionality

Customer Support

App Functionality

User ID

App Functionality

Device ID

App Functionality

Product interaction

App Functionality

Crash Data

App Functionality

Performance Data

App Functionality

Other Diagnostics Data

App Functionality

B. Is the collected data is linked to the user's identity. This question can be answered with 'No' for each item.

C. Will the data be used for tracking purposes. This question can be answered with 'No' for each item.

The GIF below is an example of how you can set each one of the categories:

8. Again click Publish in the app privacy response modal

When you've provided the app privacy information for all of the data types that your app collects, your app can be updated with new store versions once again.

D. Go back to AppMachine

If you run into any errors during the process, please contact Providing screenshots of the error or flagged fields will be very helpful.

PLEASE NOTE: When you add or remove content from your app which is defined within the app privacy settings, you will also have to update your app privacy settings in App Store Connect to reflect these changes.

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