Add functionality in your app via JavaScript
A JavaScript package to develop custom functionality for AppMachine applications. This enables you to create your own UI by retrieving data, changing data, and controlling the app.


To be able to manage the app with your custom JavaScript you use the @myjsblock/sdk package. This package exposes asynchronous functions to call from your application. The functions provide a simplified API to communicate with the application shell.
All the functions of @myjsblock/sdk are categorized in the following categories:


Core functions are the basic interactive functions like showLoader and hideLoader, and also offers functions to request and set data on "block level".
See all Core functions


Data includes all functions for retrieving data from block data context. This does not include functions to change data.
See all Data functions
Navigation includes functions to navigate through the app. For example navigate to another block or go back.


Notification includes functions to create native interactive modals, dialogs and alerts to the user.


Media includes functions to access the device's media, like picking images and taking pictures with the device's camera.
See all Media functions


User includes functions to access user information, like whether someone is authenticated or what the users data is.
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