Link your app

This article explains how to link the app you've created on your Apple developer account to the app you've developed in AppMachine.


  • You have setup your App Store Connect API key. Read more..

  • You have created an app record in App Store Connect. Read more..

Linking the App Store Connect app record to your AppMachine app

The following steps assume that you've successfully uploaded your App Store Connect API key. In case you're not on the screen displayed in step 1, please follow the steps in this article.

  1. After uploading your App Store Connect API key, the wizard will show a list of app records retrieved from your Apple developer account. * Note: The App Store Connect API key that you've uploaded is linked to the account on which the key is created, and therefor has the same access rights as the account. Apps to which the key does not have access will not be displayed in this list.

  2. Depending on your situation you need choose between:

    • New app: If you don't have any apps on your developer account yet, click the Create new App Bundle Identifier button.

    • Existing app: If a bundle identifier for your app already exists within your developer license, then you can link the existing app by clicking the bundle identifier from the app list.

When you've linked your app, continue the process by following the steps in this article.

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