🐦Twitter API keys

This article describes how you can obtain a Twitter API key for your AppMachine app. This key allows you to make authorized requests for data. An API key can only be used for one app. In this tutorial we assume that you either have a basic Twitter account without access to the development environment, or no Twitter account at all.

Create your keys

Fill in the requested information about you and the purpose of your app and click Next.

5. Verify your email address now and continue.

6. Enter a name for your app and click Get keys

7. Once you've generated your keys, store them somewhere safe. Twitter advises you to treat these keys as passwords.

8. Go to https://design.appmachine.com and log into your AppMachine account.

9. Click Publish

10. Click Manage > Integrations in the left side navigation bar 11. Scroll down to the Twitter section and fill in your API Key and API Key Secret:

12. Save it and you're done!

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