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The AppMachine gets updated every 1-2 weeks where we do updates for the site where you design your app or your app itself.

February 7th

Today we did a small release, but for a very important feature: Delete Push Messages. If you go to your push message screen and click a sent message, you will see the option to delete it. This will also remove the message from the Push Message Block in the app (if you have one), and it will not be visible for customers anymore.
Delete push message feature

February 1st

New editing features for menus

In December we released our updated navigation styles/menus, featuring pre-set layouts. We have expanded the editing options for all menus, giving you more control over the look and feel.
Navigation options
All menus have an extra Design tab, where you can set your colors and the background.
For the Tab bar and Tabs navigation styles we added options to influence the menu icons and the label style.
The List, Sliding and Icon navigation styles have an add image option for the header. With this option you can add an image in the header or replace your logo in the header
For these styles you can also edit your header background.
The Icon navigation style has an added option to influence menu items if they are 'boxed'

Duplicate app

In your App Dashboard you now have the ability to duplicate (copy) an app you have already created. Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of your app, click 'duplicate' and we will automatically make an exact copy of your app.


  • The back button of the preview screen, navigates back to the editor. Before it would navigate to the App Dashboard
App Preview Screen
  • Improved readability of the Pricing Page
  • Opened editing fields in the Element Editor will stay open when moving to the next element

Bugs fixed

  • In Data adding a field by using the keyboard and then pressing enter, would select and instantly save the field. It will now only select the field on the first enter. To save, press enter again.
  • Could not remove filter from lists in editor
  • Discard changes in the Element Editor
  • Save button always active in the Element Editor
  • Adding multiple elements by holding shit key, would result in an error
  • Copy element would result in an error

January 24th


  • The layout editor responds by clicking anywhere in the field, instead of only when the edit icon is clicked.
AppMachine layout editor
Layout editor

Bugs fixed:

  • PWA upgrade modal infinite spinning.
  • PWA publish status not updating.
  • Tourism App template, on creation, would not show all the fields in layout 3.
  • On the Login settings page “Please upload your Apple Sign In certificate" text would be visible even if a valid certificate had been uploaden.

January 18th

You can now add a Whatsapp block to your app.We have released a new feature today; the Whatsapp block!When you add this block to your app, just enter your phone number in the right side settings and the block is configured.When an app user opens this block in the live app, a whatsapp chat with the phone number you set will automatically be opened. Allowing the user to chat with you directly via whatsapp.

January 17th

We did a small release focused on fixing some customer issues.


  • We had some reports that images were blurry after the last release. This has been fixed.
  • In some instances a list could display a duplicate item if there were double spaces in the item. We changed it so that the list input can contain double spaces without any issues.
  • We improved caching so more content will be displayed if an app is opened without internet connection.
  • With some color choices, the account button in the top right corner of the screen would not be visible.
  • When using the editor and clicking on a block in the previewer, the block tree would not always update, making it out of sync and not always showing the right editing options. This was only the case with a sliding menu and has been fixed.

January 5-9

Hurray, the first fixes and changes of the year. Check out what we did below.

Important change

Google Translate is no longer active on design3 to make sure all the functionality works the way it should.

New features

Send push from device It’s now possible to send a push notification from your device. This newly added feature enables you to send a message wherever you are, als long as you have your phone with you. This will make it much easier to share instant news right away.Want to know more about the importance of Push Messages? Check out our latest blog here!

Bug fixes

  • New menu fixes: Within the new menu styles we’ve made some tweaks to make them look even better. We’ve also made sure that the Title and App Logo
  • PDF share, location and POI fixes: There were some issues with opening and with turning the share option on and off. This is now solved. Besides that we’ve fixed showing the Points of Interest on the maps within apps.
  • Webservices: We’ve made a fix for the Webservice block, so that you can add your webservice to your app.

Hurray, the first fixes and changes of 2023!

Are you travelling and want to use your mobile to send a push message to your app users? We've got you covered! Check out what we did, and more in the January 5-9 release here.

Christmas release AppMachine designer and Mobile app

As a christmas gift, we released a few new navigation styles for your homescreen menu and added sorting and filtering in your list blocks. Read all about the December 22-27 release here.

December 22-27 2022

The release notes of the last release of the year, full of Christmas gifts!

This week we released a new version of the AppMachine designer and the Mobile app
  1. 1.
    Various updates in the App user screen, like ​
  2. 2.
    Send push message to an individual user
  3. 3.
    New improved navigation styles
  4. 4.
    Data lists : added options for you to sort, filter and limit the items shown in the mobile app

Verified email addresses

Within the settings from the app you can now add a verified sender email address. This is to prevent spam.​​​​

Search within the App Users

If you’ve enabled User registration within your app, you’ll have an overview of users. The new functionality makes it possible for you to look for specific uses within this list.​​

Permissions per User Group and per User Role

Within the Data screen you can set your permissions per table. With this last release it is possible to set the permissions by User Role or by User Group. With these permissions you can decide which roles or group have a certain acces to tables and data.​​

Push messages per user

If you navigate to a user within your App you have the ability to send a Push Message to a registered user.
We have added the ability to send a Push Message to a single registered user. Go to your User overview and select the user you want and you will see the Push Message button in the top right corner of the screen. Clicking on this button will open a modal that allows you to send your push message to this user.​​

Push messages count shown

When you go to the Push Messages screen and hover over an already sent message, you will now see how many messages have been sent to Apple and Android devices.​​
We have added new navigation styles for NEW apps. With existing apps you will only see the new navigation styles for the Submenu block.
There are five menu types, each with different layouts, and the option to choose no menu layout.
  1. 1.
    Tab bar
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
You can switch between layouts and choose from different options, like show icons or show block labels. The tab bar layouts also have the option to be detached from the bottom of the screen.​​​​


We have added a new sorting and filtering feature for list blocks. When you add a list block you can filter the items in your list in the settings panel on the right. This way you can choose which items you want to display in your app.
The filter option is also available for the data view. Click the filter icon in the top right of your data table to open the option. The filtering you add here is only visible in the data view, so it will not be applied to your app view.​​
You also have the option to sort your data, for example alphabetically or low to high price.
The last option is limit, which allows you to set the amount of items you want to display.​

Disable upload of Sandbox Push Certificates

We now prevent customers to upload a sandbox push notification certificate and only allow sandbox & production certificates. This solves the confusion when some customers uploaded the wrong certificate and push notifications didn't work.

Small improvements

  • Added publish date to publish information in the Publish Screen.
  • Added ‘open in new tab’ button in WebPage and WebShop blocks, for when the URL cannot be opened in the app

December 8 AppMachine Designer

We added some larger new features and we fixed a lot of small issues. Add blocks automatically after adding data table or connecting Google Sheet, Add Apple Sign in to your mobile app, Publish a B2B and Enterprise app to the Apple App Store and improvements of the mobile app. Read more

November 10 AppMachine Designer

Large update of the AppMachine designer, the place where you build your own app.
Read more