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Product Updates

Find out more about our latest releases
AppMachine receives regular updates pertaining to the app builder and your published app(s). We strive to release updates every 1-2 weeks.

April 7, 2023

We released our new whitelabel editing feature: the Admin CMS. Add the Admin CMS block to your app, to provide your users/customers with editing permissions based on the limitations that you set. This will allow them to directly add, modify, or remove content from Data Lists and Information Blocks within the app without the need to open the designer.
The Admin CMS block is available to Agency plans and higher.
AppMachine Admin CMS
We have written a support article with all the information you need about settings up and using the Admin CMS. You can find it here.​

April 2, 2023

iPad Support

You can now publish your AppMachine app with iPad support. To enable iPad support, this is not enabled by default, navigate to the Publish page of your app (in AppMachine), and open the store information page of your iOS app via the Edit Store Info button.
Publish screen in AppMachine
On the Store Info page, you'll find a section named 'iPad'. Expanding this section will reveal a button through which iPad support can be enabled.
Enable iPad Support
For a complete overview of all the steps necessary to enable iPad support for your app, please read our Support Article.​

March 31, 2023

Improved block tree

We’ve improved the movement of the blocks so it’s even easier to create structure within your app. Blocks are easier to move into position, whether it's changing the order of the blocks or making them nested. We have also added a blue line that guides you when positioning your blocks.
Improved Block Tree with guiding line

March 30, 2023

New text editor

We’ve introduced a better rich text editor for all the rich text elements within your app. We will ask you if you want to convert to the new text editor because there is a store update needed to see the changes within your published app.
Convert to new text editor
New Text Editor

QR Code Scanner block

It’s now possible to add a QR scanner block within your app. It’s designed to let users scan a QR code and open blocks or websites within your app.
Within the QR code that you create, you have to include the internal block name { "block": "{blockId}" } to ensure it opens when the user uses the QR code. Hover your mouse over a block in the AppMachine CMS to see the internal block name.
To open a website use the following format: { "url": "" }
Add QR Code Scanner Block

Bug fixes

CMS lists We’ve made a fix for the blocks POI, FAQ, Events manual, and News manual to show the right order of the list items.
Element editor
  • The switches for the elements now correspond better with the preview within the app on the screen.
  • Uploading full-screen background images is working again.
  • We’ve made an improvement in saving the changes while navigating away when you had unsaved changes on the screen.
Data Form
We’ve fixed a few bugs within the Data Form - Update From. If you want to enable users to be able to update the data, make sure the Permissions on the correct data table are set to custom and select the update setting.
Add Data Form
Data Form in Editor
Form Permissions
Single select component in Form bugfix
It’s now possible again to add a single select field within your data. You can add your own options and select a default value.
Single Select Field

March 23, 203

Multiple image upload

The Photo block now supports multiple image upload if you choose 'manual upload'. In the add block wizard or when you click on the Add Photos button in the settings panel of your photo block, you'll see the screen below, where you can drag or select images you want to display in your app.

Changes in User Roles

The data permission roles now match the roles you can assign users within the Users screen and the authentication levels of the lock block. This means we have removed some obsolete roles for new apps. The roles/levels that are still available are:
  • Unauthorized
  • Registered
  • Admin
If you want more specific roles, you can always assign users to a User Group. Want to know more about User Groups and what you can do with them? Read this article.

Images in Data Lists

We added the option to change the size of an image in a List or Detail block. Especially for logo's or wider images, this will help you choose the best way to show your image.

Small improvements

  1. 1.
    Image preview in CMS lists.
  2. 2.
    Show privacy policy field in Google store info, available under 'Edit Store Info'.
  3. 3.
    Option to link to a block for the Link element in the Element Editor

March 7, 2023

New Dashboard

Introducing our new Dashboard. From now on, you do not only see the awesome apps you created, but also our latest news, inspiration and tutorials on how to maximize your app building capabilities.

March 6, 2023

Send Push to User Groups

With our latest feature, you can send Push Messages to User Groups. To do this, first, you have to create a User Group and add users to it. Go to the User tab in the left-side settings panel. On the top right, you will see the option to Add a group.
Add a User Group
When you click this button, you can set the name for your new user group. Click save to keep this group.
Enter a name for your new user group
After this, you have to add users to this group. Click on the user you want to add and click Assign group to open the dropdown where you can pick your user group.
Add a user to a user group
Once you've set this up, you can create a new push message to send to the members of your group. The User Group Targets dropdown will be in the create push message modal.
Choose a user group for your push message
The push message will now only be sent to users you have assigned to this user group.
Note: Sending a message to a User Group is only available from the Push Message dashboard. We will add the option to do this from your app in the coming week.

March 1, 2023

Azure Active Directory

We have added Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) as a new login option for your app. Azure AD is a cloud-based identity and access management service.
If you go have enabled the login feature for customers, you will now see the Azure AD option below the already existing login options.
Azure AD login option
Once you have enabled Azure AD you need to set it up. We have written an article explaining all the steps to setup user authentication via Azure Active Directory for your AppMachine app, you can read it here.​

February 23, 2023

We're preparing our platform for a lot of new features that will be released in the coming weeks/months. For this release, we worked on improving the stability of our platform, with extra focus on the Element Editor and WebServices.

New Screens

We have added new empty state screens; this means when you have not used this functionality yet and the screen has no data, we show the screens below. The goal is to give you more guidance into the possibilities of the features of our platform, making it easier for you to get started on your app.
New Data Screen when you have no tables
New Data Screen
New WebServices Screen when you have no services
New WebServices Screen
To Come: Dashboard
This new screen will be released somewhere next week!

Image selector cropper for CMS lists

Before this release, when you added an image to a CMS list, we would always show the full image. With the image cropper, it's now possible to only show a part of the image.
Note: the image cropper is not yet available for Pexels/Stock images - this will be added next week.
Image cropper with an image of a chicken
Image Cropper

Bugs fixed

  • Manage data from Editor showed empty fields
  • Fixed alignment of layout editor properties and element editor properties
  • PWA publish status not updating
  • Invalid Push Message Certificate message flashing for valid certificates
  • In some cases, Content Update dates would be shown as Store Updates

February 9, 2023

This release contained two exciting features: AI-generated text and images, and improved navigation styles/menu editing.

AI-generated text and images

AI in Apps is the next natural step for AppMachine for creating content, like descriptions and articles, and great imagery. ChatGPT can help you write headlines, texts and app store descriptions. DALLE 2 can create images for your app. ⁠ ⁠Want to know more about using AI for your app content, check out our blog!​
AI-generated text
In several different places in AppMachine, you can now use our AI implementation to help you out with catchy names, descriptions, and summaries for your app content.
In the editor, you can use the AI text generator in all names fields of CMS lists, think of Event names or a catchy name for your products for example.
Add a new list item - in this case, an event, click on the robot icon to open up the AI generator and fill in your prompt and click try.
AI generated text
Generate an Event title with AI
The result is an AI-generated text that you can instantly add to your app. And if you don't like this one, just click try again for a new result.
AI generated text result
AI Generated text in the Editor
The AI text generator is also implemented in our Edit Store Info screen for Apple. You can use it to generate your review notes, store description, keywords, and release notes!

AI-Generated Images

When you don't have the right image to match your content and our stock images are also not what you're looking for, you can use an AI-generated image. Just open the image library anywhere in the editor, click the AI Images tab, fill in your prompt, and go! Don't like the images you see? Click 'Generate' again and we will add three more images. Be sure to read our article on AI to see all the possibilities of AI-generated images.
AI generated images
AI-Generated images

Improved navigation styles/menu editing

In December we released our new navigation styles and at the beginning of February, we added extra editing options, so you could customize your menus to your liking. On review, we noticed that the number of options could be overwhelming and some were even a little confusing. That's why we improved the options in a way that still gives you full control, but also more guidance and clarity.
Most important notes :
  1. 1.
    Rearranged editing options
  2. 2.
    You can still set the full background in the Design tab.
  3. 3.
    The header background has been removed. You can use the new Top Image as a header background or as your logo/smaller image.
  4. 4.
    Items (formerly Advanced options) are collapsed by default
New menu changes
Style your menu

February 7, 2023

Today we did a small release, but for a very important feature: Delete Push Messages. If you go to your push message screen and click a sent message, you will see the option to delete it. This will also remove the message from the Push Message Block in the app (if you have one), and it will not be visible to customers anymore.
Delete push message feature
Push Message summary

February 1, 2023

New editing features for menus

In December we released our updated navigation styles/menus, featuring pre-set layouts. We have expanded the editing options for all menus, giving you more control over the look and feel.
Navigation options
New editing features for menus
All menus have an extra Design tab, where you can set your colors and the background.
For the Tab bar and Tabs navigation styles, we added options to influence the menu icons and the label style.
The List, Sliding and Icon navigation styles have an 'add image' option for the header. With this option, you can add an image in the header or replace your logo in the header
For these styles, you can also edit your header background.
The Icon navigation style has an added option to influence menu items if they are 'boxed'
Boxed icons

Duplicate app

In your App Dashboard, you now have the ability to duplicate (copy) an app you have already created. Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of your app, click 'duplicate' and we will automatically make an exact copy of your app.
Duplicate your app


  • The back button of the preview screen navigates back to the editor. Before it would navigate to the App Dashboard.
App Preview Screen
Navigate to the editor
  • Improved readability of the Pricing Page
  • Opened editing fields in the Element Editor will stay open when moving to the next element

Bugs fixed

  • In Data adding a field by using the keyboard and then pressing enter, would select and instantly save the field. It will now only select the field on the first enter. To save, press enter again.
  • Could not remove the filter from lists in the editor
  • Discard changes in the Element Editor
  • The save button always active in the Element Editor
  • Adding multiple elements by holding the shift key, would result in an error
  • Copy element would result in an error

January 24, 2023


  • The layout editor responds by clicking anywhere in the field, instead of only when the edit icon is clicked.
AppMachine layout editor
Layout editor

Bugs fixed:

  • PWA upgrade modal infinite spinning.
  • PWA publish status not updating.
  • Tourism App template, on creation, would not show all the fields in layout 3.
  • On the Login settings page β€œPlease upload your Apple Sign In certificate" text would be visible even if a valid certificate had been uploaded.

January 18, 2023

You can now add a Whatsapp block to your app. We have released a new feature today; the Whatsapp block! When you add this block to your app, just enter your phone number in the right-side settings and the block is configured. When an app user opens this block in the live app, a WhatsApp chat with the phone number you set will automatically be opened. Allowing the user to chat with you directly via WhatsApp.

January 17, 2023

We did a small release focused on fixing some customer issues.


  • We had some reports that images were blurry after the last release. This has been fixed.
  • In some instances, a list could display a duplicate item if there were double spaces in the item. We changed it so that the list input can contain double spaces without any issues.
  • We improved caching so more content will be displayed if an app is opened without an internet connection.
  • With some color choices, the account button in the top right corner of the screen would not be visible.
  • When using the editor and clicking on a block in the previewer, the block tree would not always update, making it out of sync and not always showing the right editing options. This was only the case with a sliding menu and has been fixed.

January 5-9, 2023

Hurray, the first fixes, and changes of the year. Check out what we did below.

Important change

Google Translate is no longer active on design3 to make sure all the functionality works the way it should.

New features

Send push from device It’s now possible to send a push notification from your device. This newly added feature enables you to send a message wherever you are, as long as you have your phone with you. This will make it much easier to share instant news right away. Want to know more about the importance of Push Messages? Check out our latest blog here!​

Bug fixes

  • New menu fixes: Within the new menu styles we’ve made some tweaks to make them look even better. We’ve also made sure that the Title and App Logo
  • PDF share, location, and POI fixes: There were some issues with opening and with turning the share option on and off. This is now solved. Besides that, we’ve fixed showing the Points of Interest on the maps within apps.
  • Webservices: We’ve made a fix for the Webservice block so that you can add your Webservice to your app.

December 22-27, 2022

Christmas release AppMachine designer and Mobile app

As a Christmas gift, we released a few new navigation styles for your home screen menu and added sorting and filtering in your list blocks. Read all about the December 22-27 release here.

The release notes of the last release of the year, are full of Christmas gifts!

This week we released a new version of the AppMachine designer and the Mobile app
  1. 1.
    Various updates in the App user screen, like ​
  2. 2.
    Send a push message to an individual user
  3. 3.
    New improved navigation styles
  4. 4.
    Data lists: added options for you to sort, filter and limit the items shown in the mobile app

Verified email addresses

Within the settings from the app, you can now add a verified sender email address. This is to prevent spam.​​​​

Search within the App Users

If you’ve enabled User registration within your app, you’ll have an overview of users. The new functionality makes it possible for you to look for specific uses within this list.​​

Permissions per User Group and per User Role

Within the Data screen, you can set your permissions per table. With this last release, it is possible to set the permissions by User Role or by User Group. With these permissions, you can decide which roles or groups have certain access to tables and data.​​

Push messages per user

If you navigate to a user within your App you have the ability to send a Push Message to a registered user.
We have added the ability to send a Push Message to a single registered user. Go to your User overview and select the user you want and you will see the Push Message button in the top right corner of the screen. Clicking on this button will open a modal that allows you to send your push message to this user.​​

Push messages count shown

When you go to the Push Messages screen and hover over an already sent message, you will now see how many messages have been sent to Apple and Android devices.​​
We have added new navigation styles for NEW apps. With existing apps, you will only see the new navigation styles for the Submenu block.
There are five menu types, each with different layouts, and the option to choose no menu layout.
  1. 1.
    Tab bar
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
You can switch between layouts and choose from different options, like show icons or show block labels. The tab bar layouts also have the option to be detached from the bottom of the screen.​​​​


We have added a new sorting and filtering feature for list blocks. When you add a list block you can filter the items in your list in the settings panel on the right. This way you can choose which items you want to display in your app.
The filter option is also available for the data view. Click the filter icon in the top right of your data table to open the option. The filtering you add here is only visible in the data view, so it will not be applied to your app view.​​
You also have the option to sort your data, for example alphabetically or low to high price.
The last option is limit, which allows you to set the number of items you want to display.​

Disable upload of Sandbox Push Certificates

We now prevent customers to upload a sandbox push notification certificate and only allow sandbox & production certificates. This solves the confusion when some customers uploaded the wrong certificate and push notifications didn't work.

Small improvements

  • Added publish date to publish information in the Publish Screen.
  • Added β€˜open in new tab’ button in WebPage and WebShop blocks, for when the URL cannot be opened in the app

December 8, 2022

AppMachine Designer

We added some larger new features and we fixed a lot of small issues. Add blocks automatically after adding a data table or connecting Google Sheet, Add Apple Sign-in to your mobile app, Publish a B2B and Enterprise app to the Apple App Store, and improvements to the mobile app.

December 1, 2022

This week we released a new version of the AppMachine designer, the place where you build your own app. We added some larger new features and we fixed a lot of small issues.

User groups

If you have User registration enabled in your app, it’s now possible to create groups and add users to one or more groups. First, create your own groups within the App Users screen. After that, select a user and add them to one or more groups.

Lock content based on User groups

You are now ready to lock certain content in your app by only making it available for specific user groups. Add a Lock block in your app, specify which user groups will have access, and drag the content under the lock block.
Improved Google Sheets import
We have added all kinds of improvements to the Google Sheet import, so it's much easier to connect your sheet. For example, sheets can now be imported
  • when your sheet doesn't have any header rows
  • When your sheet has columns with a missing description
  • or when your sheet starts with an empty row.
We have also improved the wizard to better explain to you when there are other issues that you need to fix yourself in the sheet before the sheet can be imported.

Smaller features

  • Data: Added the option to delete a table or remove the connection to a Google sheet
  • Added more checks to make sure you don't lose unsaved changes on your screen when moving to other parts of the application.

The most important bugs solved

When you were using Chrome to translate your browser, you could sometimes see application errors on the screen. This should now have been resolved.

November 24, 202

This week we made a lot of smaller improvements to the designer.
  • Improvements in Date/Time notation
  • Home Block would not show the background image when a sliding menu was picked.
  • Added Confirmation Modal when deleting a record in Data.
  • Small improvements to Forms
  • When a WebService was not configured correctly and you added a list based on this, nothing would happen. We now made it so a wrong or not set up WebService will not show up as an option when creating a List Block.
  • Improved Confirmation Message when deleting Fields in Data
  • Show the name of the Table you are seeing on top of the screen.

Rich Text Editor

You can now expand the Rich Text Editor and type your text in a bigger modal by clicking the Expand option in the Text Editor.

November 17, 2022

This week we mainly focussed on fixing and improving the Custom Form Block.
We made a lot of improvements to the new Form Block
  • Fixed alignment issues when dragging from items
  • Added new fields to Custom Form
  • Date/Time field would only show Date in the Data Table
  • Percentage field shows %
  • Adjusted order of fields in Simple Layout Editor
  • Time Field showed a Date Field
  • Color settings improved to match Theme
  • When you create a Custom Form, the table we connect to this form now has a unique name. Making it easier to differentiate when you have more than one custom form.

Other Changes

  • We fine-tuned the Unsaved Changes Modal, so it will not show up when there are no unsaved changes.
  • New Blocks would not be visible after deleting a Sub Menu
  • Changed 'Authentication' to 'Login settings' in the Left Side Menu

November 10, 2022 - Big Update

This week we released a new version of the AppMachine designer, the place where you build your own app. We added some larger new features and we fixed a lot of small issues.

User management

It is now possible to let users log in to your mobile application. You can choose to let users log in to their app before they can see anything or you can put certain parts of your application behind a login. You can limit logins to a limited set of users or let anyone log in via email, Facebook, or Google login. We will add Apple Sign-in soon. For now, if you want your app to be approved in the Apple App Store, you will always need to enable Mail, because otherwise, Apple will not approve your app. Read all the details about User management in this article​

Integration with Pexels free stock image library

We have added an integration with the free stock image library Pexels, to add great-looking images to your app with a few clicks. Add an image, add your search term on the Pexels tab, click the Search button and select the best image.
Add great images from Pexels


You can now add a Form block to your where you can add new fields easily. Automatically a table is created in your AppMachine Data area. When your customers will fill in the form in your app, the data is stored in your AppMachine Data Table. Read all about this new block on this page. ​

Push message categories

You can read all about sending push messages in this article. You can now also send push messages to specific customer categories. Customers can sign up for a specific category in their native app.
When you navigate to the Push Messages screen in the left side navigation you can add your categories on the right side. Your customers can sign up for one of your categories in your native app.
Configure your Push message categories which customers can sign up for in your native app
When you create a new Push Message the modal will give you the added option to select a category.
Select the category of customers you want to send your push message.

Protected tables

Within the Data tab, you are now able to set custom permissions for your tables. These roles are based on the User roles in your app. You can click on the Add custom permissions button to adjust the permissions per role. You can adjust these per table.
Permissions per Data table
Manually changed Permissions per Data Table

Generic improvements

  1. 1.
    Improved Google sheets import
We have made multiple improvements to the Google sheets import. You can now successfully connect the same Google sheet to multiple apps, import sheets with empty fields, import sheets where the column names are not unique, etc.
  1. 2.
    More prominent Feedback option
Because we value our customer’s opinions and feedback, we have added a feedback button to the top navigation bar. This allows you to send in your feedback, issues, and feature requests and see the progress.
  1. 3.
    Delete an app in your App Dashboard

Small improvements Blocks tab

  1. 1.
    Date picker We have improved the data selection field so the whole area, including the icon, is clickable and will open the date picker
  1. 2.
    Simple layout editor: Alignment options of the label editor were not visible, therefore making it impossible to change the alignment.
  2. 3.
    Resolved: Changing the order of URLS would not reflect in the app
  3. 4.
    Resolved: The app theme would sometimes not be applied to all blocks
  4. 5.
    Resolved: adding Coupon block gave issues.

Small improvements Data

Added Bulk delete so you can delete more than one item at a time.

Changes Elements editor

  1. 1.
    Added data binding for videos.
  1. 2.
    Resolved: Background overlay over background image wasn’t always positioned right.
  2. 3.
    Resolved: Custom styles would be reset after changing the order of fields in a repeater.
  3. 4.
    Resolved: Sometimes changes in the element editor seemed to be lagging 1 step behind.
  4. 5.
    Resolved: Sometimes the color of a label field could not be changed back to the main color after an initial change.
  5. 6.
    Resolved: Card layout 2/3 had double margins.
  6. 7.
    Resolved: Video data source in a list block would not be automatically recognized and mapped to a video element. It would be injected into a label element.
  7. 8.
    Resolved: Adding elements to a blank page on safari did not work.
  8. 9.
    Resolved: Duplicate button for elements was broken
  9. 10.
    Deleting an element in the element editor will automatically select the element above
  10. 11.
    Added icon element

October 27, 2022

This week we released new versions of the Flutter mobile apps for iPhone and Android. If you want to have these fixes in your published Flutter app, we advise you to Republish your app to the app stores.

Changes for Android previewer

Changes for iOS and Android apps


  • Translations: added and improved Greek and Swedish as native app languages. Tip: if you want to help getting your language added or improved as well, please contact support at [email protected] !
  • Maps: In-app location picker now allows to drop pin in all areas (including water) - use long press.
  • Design: removed extra white space between tab bar and content.
  • Rich text: added a color picker for text:
  • ​
  • Viewing web pages in the previewer is now possible for websites that support i-frames, this will solve this message that used to appear in the previewer in the Design environment:
  • RSS block: added sharing options to RSS/news items.
    You will not see this message anymore, instead the webpage itself will be shown directly. Note: This problem only happened in the previewer in the browser. In the native apps this already worked.
  • Resolved:

    • Event block: upcoming events block would show in 'Past Events' tab.
    • Information block: would crash when rendering content on Android.
    • Information block: auto detect for links was set too strict, in some instances creating links where it wasn't needed.
    • FAQ block: 'show title' switch in Custom Design was not working correctly.
    • RSS block: the block would not play audio anymore.
    • Link block: in specific situations, the link block would not open when called in combination with a web service.
    • User login: canceling a register/login request required the user to click 2 times to return to the home menu.
    • POI block: the 'map view' did not work correctly.
    • Push block: the order of push categories didn't match the order in the CMS.
    • Link block: in specific situations, the link block would not open when called in combination with a web service.
    • Lock block: in specific use cases the block didn't open.
    • Screen block: was not showing the maps component.
    • Navigation: swiping images in landscape mode would revert back to portrait mode.
    • Navigation: Sliding menu would disappear after viewing a login block in some cases.
    • Navigation: Opening links to a PDF file (on Android devices) was not working in specific situations.

October 26, 2022

We released a new version of the Appmachine Designer. One feature we would like to highlight: we have added a Feedback button in our Designer so you can report Bugs to our development team in a quick and easy way.

Building your app

Blocks tab:

  • Contact: entering Twitter account while adding the block never returned the correct result.
  • Contact: Changing map address wasn't saved correctly.
  • Events: When adding an events block, you couldn't select the data sourceimages Appmachine CMS or Google Calendar and saw an error.
  • Events: Block showed red warning without reason
  • Preview page showed arrow over tablet view.
  • Rich text fields : Added clear formatting option
  • Change block icon was blocked because tooltip was shown on top of replace option.
  • Twitter: Username didn't save in Twitter block
  • News: adding news articles didn't work.

Elements tab

  • Uploading image was blocked because transparency was required.
  • Dropdown field: values entered weren't shown in the app.
  • Dragging elements would sometimes end up in the wrong position in the element tree
  • Video field: added data binding for videos
  • the app would show an error when you used negative margins.
  • Background: best contrast text now works with opacity.
  • Publishing

    • PWA Publish: fixed error when pasting and undoing paste in PWA 'link custom domain' screen
    • PWA publish: added support for PWA on the publish dashboard
    • Added better explanation to explain Forced store update better

    Improving your design experience

    • Added option to change the appname in the top left corner.
    • When the left side navigation panel is closed, hoovers with explanation of items are shown
    • Various improvements for adding date and time, for example in the Events block, but also in the Data tables.
    • After uploading a topimage is now shown in a larger preview.
    • Added hoovers to make builder more clear.
    • Data: added option to delete a data row in the data screen
    • You can now read news from AppMachine Dashboard

August 24, 2022

Today we released new versions of the Flutter mobile apps for iPhone and Android. If you want to have these fixes in your published Flutter app, we advise you to Republish your app to the app stores.

Apple + Google App

  • Resolved: App information showed an empty screen.
  • Resolved: App information showed the the word "Informatie" in the header. The header text is now completely removed.
  • Improved: Zooming on images in Photo galleries or Pro screen blocks was kind of limited. When you now click on a photo, you have much nicer experience in zooming and scrolling in a photo.
  • Improved: Zooming in on images in rich texts, like the Information block or the description fields in for example the events or people works much better.
  • Resolved: On tablet devices Topimage and Featured items above list where not shown.
  • Resolved: Location picker in form didn't save location lat/long information.
  • Resolved: Captions on buttons where missing if caption came from external source
  • Resolved: Sometimes Webpages showed "Viewing Webpages is not supported in this previewer"
  • Implemented: Pushmessages block now show exact date and time when push message was sent
  • Resolved: We have resolved a lot of small issues which improve the performance of your app. This also involves cases where your users would see a small message at the top of the screen telling them that "Something went wrong". We have fixed a lot of those cases.
  • Resolved: If you had a link in a text, the link wasn't formatted in the Supporting text color and the link sometimes didn't work.
  • Resolved: When there was only 1 featured item, the item wasn't shown at the top of the list.
  • Resolved: German translation of the text "No data available" was missing.
  • Resolved: When viewing a photo the pinch and zoom sometimes resulted in swiping to the next photo.
  • Resolved: custom Numbered list items weren't shown in the correct way.
  • Improved: We have improved the offline caching of information in your app, so that when a users has opened your app when connected to the internet, that same information will be visible for the user if he later opens the app offline.
  • Removed: A splash screen is shown during the 0.5 second that your app starts. Because the scaling of the splash screens didn't work as good on all types of devices, we decided to remove this functionality for now. During that 0-0.5 seconds period when the app is loaded, a loading cursor will be shown instead. We do plan to bring back this functionality in a more advanced way, so that the splash screen will look great on all types of devices.

Apple App Store - App

  • Resolved: Sometimes we weren't correctly storing if a user wanted to receive push messages. We have fixed that issue. You need to do a new store update. When these users will upgrade to that new version, their apps will be correctly registered when they open the app.
  • Resolved: The permission texts which were entered in AppMachine at 'Apple App Store > Edit store info > App Permissions' weren't used in the app itself.

Google Play Store - App

  • Resolved: Our own proprietary 'Update available' message will not be shown anymore, because Google doesn't allow that. Customers will see that your app has a new update via the regular way apps get updated via the Google Play Store.
  • Resolved: When the first screen was an 'Information' block with a lot of content, the app wouldn't start.

Previewer in the AppMachine Designer

  • Resolved: Login to Flutter previewer didn't always work

July 21, 2022

Today we released an update of the new Flutter app.
  • If you are using the New publish flow, and you are experiencing one of the issues mentioned below in your app in the app store, you can trigger a new store update to benefit from these changes.
  • If you are still using the Classic publish flow, you will see these improvements in the Previewer in the AppMachine Designer.
For now, below you can find the details of the most important fixes of this release.

New Flutter app ( Version 1.2)

Default language other than English

With this new release we have added support to our new Flutter apps where default texts are translated to the language of your app. So if you have an app set to 1 specific language the following fixed texts will be shown in that specific language:
  • Contact block : Phone number, website, emailadres
  • Products block: Price
  • App information screen: I need support, Licenses, Privacy policy
  • Events: Tab Past/ Upcomming
If you don't see these texts in your own language yet, we probably need your help! For those languages we don't have the expertise to translate those texts in the correct way. Do you want to help us to translate this limited set of texts to your language? Please send an email to [email protected] where you mention the language you can help translate. We will send you a file where you fill in the translations.


  • Resolved: Improved the visibility of the search field above a list. The search field will become visible if you scroll up in the list
  • Resolved: Delete account screen > German text didn't fit on button
  • Resolved: Delete account in the previewer in the design environment gave an error.
  • Resolved: The link to the privacy policy url wasn't visible in the App information screen.
  • Resolved: The App info screen didn't show the information which was entered
  • Resolved: Text on App info screen wasn't always visible.

Styling improvements

Improved various small styling issues, for example with alignment of icons,
  • Resolved: Text was more heavy/Bold in the new apps than in Classic published apps.
  • Resolved: Text was sometimes shown smaller in the new apps than in Classic published apps.
  • Resolved: Image menu bottom alignment didn't work correctly.
  • Resolved: In the POI block the order of the Categories wasn't correct and the styling of the group headers was weird.
  • Resolved: Sliding icon menu wasn't always visible.
  • Resolved: Back button wasn't always visible.
  • Resolved: Custom design wasn't applied to a Blog block.
  • Resolved: Top image was sometimes not shown.
  • Resolved: Links were not shown using the Supporting text color.

Events block

  • Resolved: Events block in Submenu: tabnames Upcoming and Past are now fully visible
  • Resolved: Background overlay was not applied in the Events block.
  • Resolved: Google Calendar events only showed past events
  • Resolved: Google Calendar screen didn't show date + start time
  • Resolved: Google Calendar: Order of events is wrong
  • Resolved: Google Calendar : No upcoming events shown when a lot of events in list


  • Resolved: Uploading your app to the Google Play Store might have shown one of these two warnings. While fixing this we were also able to make the AAB file smaller.

July 12, 2022

Today we have released a new version of the wizard to buy a new app. This new interface allows you to buy your app
  1. 1.
    via a monthly subscription
  2. 2.
    an annual subscription
  3. 3.
    via a reseller bundle
  4. 4.
    or buy a new reseller bundle
We have also built a new "Invoice" overview where you can view and manage your subscriptions.
new checkout page
manage your subscriptions
Checkout for our Reseller Program

June 30, 2022

The AppMachine has been rebuilding the Publish functionality in the past three months and from Mid June - Mid July we will be slowly releasing this new flow to all of our AppMachine customers.
Using the new publishing flow also means that the new Flutter version of your app will be published to the app stores.
The flow will first become available for new apps which haven't been uploaded to the stores yet. At the end of July the new publishing will also become available for existing AppMachine apps.
Note: some features have not been implemented in the new application yet, which can mean that for your app you need to wait till you get access to the new functionality Click the Update button in the Designer, to see if the new app is available for you

Benefits new functionality

The new updated Publishing flow is important because
  1. 1.
    the Apple App Store publishing flow now uses Apple App Store Connect APIs which means that - if Apple changes it's interface, the publishing will still work. - the status of your app is updated automatically in our system - if there are issues uploading your app, the screens in AppMachine will show you much more specific what the problem is, so you should be able to fix the issues yourself , instead of needing to contact the Support team.
  2. 2.
    a Google Play Store flow which uses AAB files
  3. 3.
    the new flows upload the new Flutter application which matches the version of your app which you see in the right side of the AppMachine Designer.

Is new publishing available for your app?

As of Monday June 20th: AppMachine will automatically check if it is possible to publish your app via the new flow based on the following criteria.
  1. 1.
    Is your app Multilingual or has a Default language which is not English? => in that case you cannot publish your app with the new flow yet
  2. 2.
    Does your app contain blocks which are not supported yet in the new publish flow like Javascript, Loyaltycard or Coupons? => in that case you cannot publish your app with the new flow yet.
  3. 3.
    Is this the first time the app is being published to the app stores?
  4. 4.
    Is your app paid for?

To get started

  1. 1.
    In your app in the current Designer and click the Publish Now button in the top right corner
  2. 2.
    If your app is according to the new guidelines, you will see this screen, where you will need to choose Publish Flutter app
    If you don't see this screen and you do want to participate in the new publishing program, you can send an email to [email protected] so we can check why your app cannot use the new flow yet.
  3. 3.
    That will open our New publishing dashboard, which will look like this:
  4. 4.
    Please follow these two articles to help you to get your app published to both app stores:
    • Setup your app for the Apple App Store
    • How to setup your app for the Google play Store


  • We want you to know that our whole team is available for you to fix any problems which might arise as soon as possible.
  • For us to be able to help you as quickly as possible we ask you to
    1. 1.
      Use the articles in this section of our Help center: