Google Analytics setup overview

There are two likely scenario's in which you'll probably find yourself if you haven't enabled Google Analytics for your Flutter app yet;

  1. You're building a new app that has no Firebase configuration yet.

  2. You have an existing AppMachine app that already has a Firebase project that is used to send push messages to your Android users.

Make sure you execute the steps from the correct scenario to prevent any duplicate Firebase projects or other issues. In this article I'll quickly explain what steps to take in the scenario's mentioned above. Most steps are discussed in more detail in separate articles if more info is required.

Scenario 1; No Firebase configuration / New app

  1. Run through the Firebase setup as shown in the articles here.

  2. Enable the Firebase Analytics integration on this page.

  3. Publish your app

Scenario 2; Existing Firebase configuration / Existing app

If you have an AppMachine app that is already published, you'll also have a Firebase configuration for Android push messaging. You'll be using the Firebase project for analytics as well.

  1. Start with the steps from the following article on how to enable Google Analytics in your Firebase project.

  2. Enable the Firebase Analytics integration on this page.

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