Develop locally

How to build your JavaScript app

Develop JavaScript App locally

It is possible to develop your JavaScript code locally and test it in your app. To do this you need to have a development environment featuring an HTTP server.

We recommend using a build/development tool like Vite, it is an easy to use development environment for all kinds of frameworks. It offers support to easily create PWAs, and more. It is not required to use Vite, you can also use your own setup that hosts a development HTTP server.

1. Start your Dev Server​

  • Start your development server, for example, when using Vite run:

npm run dev

2. Copy the local server URL​

  • Copy the URL of your server. Vite uses as default: http://localhost:3000

3. Setup your app​

  • Open your app in the designer and open the JavaScript block.

  • Enable Development Mode by ticking the checkbox in the right side panel.

  • Enter the Development URL.

  • Save your changes.

  • Click on the JavaScript block to reload.

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