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My app's been disabled. What do I do now?

After cancelling your subscription, failing to pay your subscription fees, or when your payment can't be processed due to the expiration of a credit card or some other reason, it is possible that you may see a screen like this appear in your app. If you've failed to pay your subscription fees for any reason, you should have received multiple emails from our payment provider to tell you that your active subscription period is coming to an end or that they have an invalid payment method on file. If you're seeing this screen it means that the chances to continue your existing subscription have, in all likelihood, passed.

  • Navigate to the "Publish" section of your app in our design platform

  • Click on the "Buy Now" button.

  • Go through the steps in the payment wizard again and your app will be reactivated.

NOTE: If you've waited too long to reactivate your app, a Store Update may be required.

If you've cancelled your subscription and no longer wish to have the app available, you can log into your iOS or Google Play developer account and remove the app from sale.

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