Create App ID

This article explains how to create an App ID for an Enterprise app on an Apple Developer Enterprise License.

How to create an App ID for your Enterprise app

  1. Navigate to and login with your Apple developer account.

  2. Open the Identifiers page and use the blue + button to create a new App ID.

  3. Select the App IDs option and click Continue.

  4. Enter a Description for your App ID. Note: The description is purely for your own reference and is not used outside of the Apple Developer Portal.

  5. Enter the Explicit Bundle ID of your app. Note: You can obtain the Bundle ID from AppMachine by following steps 1-4 in this article.

  6. Scroll down the list of capabilities and enable Push Notifications. Note: Do not add any other capabilities. Capabilities need to be supported by the app's software. Enabling unsupported capabilities may cause issues during or after your app is published.

  7. Click Continue to proceed with your App ID registration.

  8. On the next page click Continue and proceed without providing Deployment Details.

  9. Check the settings of your App ID once more before finishing the process by clicking Register.

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