The various ways to add data to your app
With AppMachine you can add data to your app in various ways.

Use blocks

For example via adding information in blocks, like Contact, People or the Products block. You do that via the red +block in the Content tab.

Add your own tables

You can also add your own tables , where you define the structure of your information.
  1. 1.
    Click Data in the left side navigation,
  2. 2.
    Define your tables
  3. 3.
    Define the fields you want to have.
  4. 4.
    On the Fields tab you can enter the data yourself.

Connect to a Google Sheet

Connect to your google sheet Your data will be synced from Google sheet to AppMachine and vice versa. Read more about Google sheets.

Connect to a webservice

If you have your data available via a REST API, you can connect to the webservice to show your information via a GET call. It's also possible to use Post, Update and Delete calls to make your app more interactive. Read more about Web services.


You can also add JavaScript blocks to your app to enhance your app with your own functionality and data. Read more about JavaScript.